What a Star!

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What a Star – Meet Noelle, our Food Operations Manager.

She is a true gem!

Every week she prepares delicious, healthy, nutritious food made predominantly from fresh local ingredients for our children.

She is passionate about ensuring every child’s dietary requirements are met, particularly the ones of children with special requirements.

Some children suffer from allergies or food intolerances, some avoid certain foods because of their family’s culture and others might have additional needs, making it hard for them to eat food they are not used to or that of a different texture.

Noelle knows every child’s need by heart and follows our dietary requirement lists diligently.

What a Star

To accommodate our children’s food requirements, she collaborates with their families, incorporates their recipes from home into our menu, cuts fruits and vegetables a certain way or tries different things for as long as it takes to get every child food they will eat.

But she doesn’t stop there: Having researched children’s developmental stages, she prepares food not only so that it is safe for the varying age groups, but also keeps the importance of stimulating our children’s oral muscles for their speech development in mind.

She has a big heart and has given up many hours of her private time to prepare delicious morning teas for our Saturday Community Playgroups during which she mingles with our children’s parents, chats with them and finds ways of improving our menu to make it even more relevant for our families.

For this she has been nominated for the City of Cockburn’s Volunteer of The Year Award.

It was a beautiful celebration of the many volunteers within our Community, who give up their precious time to make other people’s lives just that little bit better.

Here at Leap Start we believe in the importance of building a warm, welcoming, and supportive Community.

Thank you Noelle!