Welcome Ziggy and Daisy!

Welcome Ziggy and Daisy
Posted on December 24 2020 Categories:

ziggy and daisy

Meet Ziggy and Daisy

It has been an exciting month so far: The newest members of our Leap start Family finally arrived: Meet Ziggy and Daisy, our very own little Peking Duck Ducklings.

We picked them up when they were only two days old.

We were very, very excited – especially our children.

It was so nice to see how gentle all of them were with our little yellow fluffballs.

Admittedly, we Management Team members have at times not been as efficient as we usually are due to distraction by Overload of Cuteness.

All of us, Room staff learned how to look after them – lots of food, a cozy heat lamp, lots and lots and water and non-stop cleaning up little messes which quickly turned into bigger and bigger messes.

Those two little rascals love eating shredded food leftovers and lettuce from the garden out of their water bowl while sitting right in the middle of it, shaking their heads and splashing food and water all over…

ziggy and daisyIt was amazing to observe their rapid growth especially, seeing how quickly their little legs grew stronger every day.

Vet Anja gave them their first check up and they were both given a clean bill of health.

Daily outings into the rooms, hand-feeding, meeting our parents and interactions with staff’s families and friendly pets ensured Ziggy and Daisy are pretty fearless and very, very tame. Come visit them some time if you like. They have now moved into their farmyard Friends enclosure and seem to be very happy and content.

At night we are still taking them home to keep them warm and safe but once their adult feathers come in, they can stay the night in their comfortable hutch with attached swimming pool.

Come visit them some time and say hello, they’ll sure to chatter back to you.

ziggy and daisy

Checkout our Facebook page to see them growing 🙂