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Harmony Room
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Harmony Room (Nursery 1), we are from ages 6 weeks until around 15 months. In the room you will find Susan, Mary Kaitlin, Devisha and new team members Madhavi and Vivian and the babies absolutely adore them, and they are doing fantastic by learning the babies and all the baby’s routine.

Harmony Room

We are a bit different than the other rooms as we try and best suit the babies routines to those that the parents have at home, so we accommodate the babies naps, bottles and feeding times to those that are at home.

Our current theme for the term is ABC’s as so many of the babies are starting to make sounds and ‘chatting’ to us, so every week we will be concentrating on the sounds the letters make and the words they may be trying to say like, ‘Dad’, ‘Mum’, ‘Bed’ and ‘Ta’.

Our Accelerated Neuro Response in the Harmony room is we have music on Mondays in Nursery 2 where we get to experiment with different instruments likes bells, shakers, and sticks. We have also brought in musical instruments into the room to continue to enhance their musical journeys. We also play music from around the world from Aboriginal lullabies to Mandarin nursery rhymes and classic Aussie children’s music.

Rainnie has started to come to the Harmony room once a week and do a short interactive mandarin lesson which the babies and they have loved having her come in and are really engaged in Rainnie’s lesson and what she is teaching the babies.

When you drop of or collect your babies please take a quick look at our growing art walls, we are all working really hard on our painting and gluing and using our fine motor skills by attempting to use paint brushes and other art resources that our a fantastic way for our babies to be learning about art.