Welcome to Pre-Kindy

Posted on August 10 2023 Categories: ,

Welcome to the Pre-Kindy room here at Leap Start Early Learning!

A room full of investigations, explorations and learning for our Pre-Kindy explorers. Our focus in the Pre-Kindy room is to provide a school readiness education for the children to develop and learn for a smooth transition into the school environment.

Throughout the past few months in the Pre-Kindy room, the educators and children have explored and created projects and learning experiences that the children have sparked an interest in.

Looking deeply into Outer Space as one of our main projects for the room, the children role played astronauts and explored all things space. Learning and exploring the planets of the solar system, the Pre-Kindy children learnt all the planets and small facts that continue to be talked about during their time at care.

Another focus the children are currently furthering their knowledge and development in is literacy and numeracy recognition throughout their time at care. Throughout this focus, the children have explored identifying the letters in the name, sounds of the ABC’s as well as slowly being introduced to the vowels in the alphabet ‘A,E,I,O,U.’

Literacy is an essential skill for children to develop as it is the foundation for learning to read and write. Children who have strong letter recognition skills are able to identify letters quickly and easily, which helps them learn new words and increases their reading fluency.

Teaching your child about number recognition is important, as it helps them develop the fundamental skills that they will need to progress into school from the childcare setting. Being able to visually recognise numbers is a skill that every child should develop during their time at daycare, as this will help them improve their mathematical skills once they reach school.

In addition to the children developing on cognitive learning skills during their time in the Pre-Kindy room, the children here at Leap Start Early Learning also have the opportunity to explore physical gross motor skills through our Little Steppers Dance Program provided to the children throughout their time at care. Recently adding another teacher to the faculty, the performing arts teachers are now Miss Emma, Miss Chrissy (singing teacher) and Miss Zari. Our Little Steppers program is run between 3-5 times are week for all ages throughout the service for the children to get a touch of coordination skills and locomotor and non-locomotor movements as physical movement and exercise during their time at care