Welcome to Autumn

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Dear our wonderful families, children, and people in the community…

Welcome to March, can you believe how quickly the year is going by!!

We are excited to have our new staff members join the Leap start team and we are looking forward to lots more exciting incursions and excursion to come!!

Welcome to Autumn

This term we are all working on so much more to further enhance your child’s development, we have been discussing risk taking and exploration and the life skills children will be able to continue to have.

Children have been learning about safety including road safety and how to use a variety of tools and all the protective eye, hand, and head gear.

This month we will be enjoying more visits to bunnings to allow children to choose a special fish or creature for their rooms and also have the opportunity to use their simple STEAM learning skills to buy their herbs / seeds and whatever else they need for their room projects.

At Leap Start, children are given the opportunity to also enjoy cooking and healthy eating, using our bush tucker garden at the front of the Centre and our home grown fruit and vegetables in the yard, children have been wonderful little helpers and ensuring the gardens are growing by watering them daily.

We look forward to more bake sales and fundraisers also this term, stay tuned

Thank you to our beautiful families who have donated clothing toys books and items to those in need, collectively, we have been able to donate 10 huge bags of items to the less fortunate to the AYLA foundation who we have been working closely with, if you are wanting to donate, please leave items in the white bin at the front of the service

Thank you again.
With love
Ange x x