Welcome Back

Welcome Back
Posted on April 13 2022 Categories: , ,

Welcome back all.

We hope you’ve been keeping well.

It saddens us to inform you that Liam, the team leader of the toddler 2 room has left, his last day is Friday the 18th March, he has loved every minute working for the Leap Start family but has decided to move onto a new career path, we wish him all the best for the future.  Charmaine, who is currently the rooms 2IC will be stepping up to Team Leader as of Monday the 21st March. We know that Charmaine will do an amazing job of leading the Team and the children.

Liam will forever cherish all his memories with the families and children within the centre and he wish them all the best for the future.

The new staff member within the Toddler 2 room will be Charmaine (Team Leader) Madhavi, Mauli and Ranji. The girls share a great wealth of knowledge between them and will be able to help guide your children.

Overt the past month, the toddler 2 room has been focusing on colours. We decided to focus on colours as our project as we had a lot of the younger children move up form the Nursery 2 room and we thought that this would be a perfect time to go back to basic and learn all about our colours.

To start off with our colours, we start at the bottom by introducing a variety of different colours and doing colour recognition as well as naming the different colours. As the weeks moved on, we progressed with our colours and moved onto science experiments. The children loved this, we conducted all sorts of experiments from rainclouds to floating water. We will keep on extending on colours by adding in Literacy and numbers.