We Take your Child’s Health and Safety Very Seriously

Posted on December 30 2022 Categories: ,

Hi to all our wonderful and Families, my name is Adele, and I am responsible for all our children’s Medical Conditions. Here at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care we take your child’s Health and safety very seriously.

For all our children with Medical Conditions we provide a RED Medical Alert Bracelet which they wear everyday they are here, this allows for any staff member, especially relief staff to identify and be aware of their condition. We have clips boards in each Hub with all their Medical Action Plans provided by the doctor and our very own Internal Action Plan created with both you and myself for all Staff to view and locate when needed.

For children with allergies, we provide a plastic container with your child’s name and photo and place this in their own allocated locker to be used only by them for all their belongings as well as their own highchair or chair and table so there is minimized risk of cross contamination.

We also have Implemented colour coding plates and bowls for children with Allergies or Intolerance, this again making it easy to identify children with dietary requirements/Medical conditions.

Your child will also have their own container provided in their Hubs first aid cupboard for their Medication making it easy and fast to locate when needed in an emergency. These Medications will need to have the prescription label on them with their Name, date of birth and dosage.

If your child does need to have medication with them due to their medical condition and doctors action plan, it is very important that they have this at the service with them not only due to our medical condition policy but also for the safety of your child. If your child does not have these medications provided you will be asked to provide these before leaving your child in our care. I feel as though we as a service have put in place high measures to keep your children as healthy and safe as possible while in our care.