We Strive to Provide a Welcoming, Warm, and Inviting Room

Posted on November 30 2022 Categories: , , ,

As the introduction to our centre the Harmony room strive to provide a welcoming, warm, and inviting room for our babies and their families and ensure they get the best possible start to life with learning, development, and social/life skills.

Warm and Inviting Room

We are blessed with an amazing team who strive to be the best and provide the best to your children. Out team consist of Susan – Room leader, Manne, Devisha, Madhavi and Mary. We all work so well together, and each member of the team have their input within the room and it brings many different ideas to the table as we all have so many different strengths and ways of teaching which creates an amazing outcome.

Inviting Room

We have been focusing a lot on building strong, secure relationships with all of our children within the room as we have had so many new children and families start. Children’s voices are of upmost importance to me and so is a basis for most of the planned and spontaneous experiences we implement for the children in our care. Recently we have been focusing on sensory based exploration in our environments themed with the children’s interests as noted by educators through observation and communication with families, relating to the Early Years Learning Framework outcomes.

These types of activities also tie in with our belief in the importance of STEAM learning. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics which is one of our educational programs that Leap Start Early Learning Child Care endorse through our ANR approach. I am a huge believer and advocate for learning through play, so I love the fact that STEAM is all about hands on, fun learning. One of our recent projects in the Harmony room highlighted the STEAM approach to learning through the experiences we used such as light, shade and colour. The experiences the children were invited to explore included;

light table – with the use of coloured blocks we saw the light shine through creating colour and also shade.

Colour changing string – lights decorated the room but were also at the children’s level to explore creating different lights throughout the room.

Disc sun catching lights – We created rainbows with discs and stain glass windows.

We have been busy getting our hands dirty and into things such as paints, kinetic sand, and sensory trays which we love!

We are so excited for the upcoming months of Christmas, new years and much more and can’t wait to continue to watch your beautiful pride and joys learn, grow and further develop on all of their skills, knowledge and interests while implementing intriguing learning lessons for them all.