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Unique and Safe Play Environment

It’s long been acknowledged that “free play” is a vital part of every early learning curriculum.

Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy kids all enjoy state of the art play space and equipment. We have made a deliberate decision to move away from “plastic” equipment and play space so prevalent in the last decade to a Unique and Safe Play Environment. This gives children a more realistic way to explore their world while still being safe. Your child will enjoy structured and unstructured learning and games in the architecturally designed creek beds, tunnels, veggie garden, bird swing, rock climbing wall, sand pits, walking track, cubby house… the list goes on. The mud pit and water pump are favorites too. They will love it!!

Great care has been taken to create this “safe risk” environment which encourages children to step outside their boundaries.

We also are advocates of open ended activities where materials do not have one use only. For example, sand can be used to build a castle or a tunnel; blocks can be used to build a tower, a bridge, a road, a doll’s house. The cause-effect nature of our world is explored at every opportunity with materials that can be used across multiple areas which encourages children’s creativity and imagination. Those noisy plastic battery operated “single use” toys are not used at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy.

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The bird swing, trees and grass remind children they are part of the real world and a butterfly landing on a rock or spider building a web between branches are seen as genuine learning opportunities.

Naturally, sun safety is a priority; Slip, Slop, Slap, Sleek, Slide is mandatory outdoors and those times of the year when UV levels reach moderate, in accordance with our Sun Safe Policy, the shade sails go up.

Note: in terms of indoor space, it’s important for children to have individual play space, particularly the younger ones who are at the solitary play stage. We have designed every room with the space so each child experiences the joy of their “play area” uninterrupted. Yes, they have room to roll and crawl without disturbing other babies.