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Toddler 1 – “Harper” and Toddler 2 – “Harlow” (2 years to 3 years)

Experiential learning in an inspiring environment sets the foundation for toddlers for future development.

The busy world of a toddlers is explored in “Harper” and “Harlow” where every child is given the opportunity to learn, grow, play and discover themselves with confidence.

Self-expression within daily routines is encouraged in this special age where children are explorers and creators. Children are encouraged to assess and take safe risks to build self-confidence.

In Harper and Harlow your toddlers/child will love our:

  • Music curriculum including songs, rhythm, dance and, drums and other percussion instruments
  • Age appropriate yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Art, craft, outdoor and indoor play incorporating nature and sustainability, and safe risk taking
  • Literacy skills including sentence development
  • Numeracy in song and dance, as well as more advanced concepts like spatial awareness and colour coding is introduced
  • Strong emphasis on physically participating as individuals, in small groups and within the whole group
  • Life skills such as dressing and toileting as introduced at home are built on and enhanced


The curriculum in our toddler rooms recognises the National Quality Framework (NQF) and WA’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

In Harper and Harlow, we listen to each child’s voice and strive, always, to form a special bond with you and your child which provides a framework for their optimal growth and development.

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