Toddler Two

Toddler Two
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During the past few weeks, Toddler Two has been working very tightly on building relationships with the children, this was to allow the recent transition of children that moved up in to the room to feel safe, secure and supported in their new journey!

Toddler Two

Within building relationships, we also explored our colours and even some ocean animals, this was because of certain events going on in our community like Ocean Week!

Other events that we have celebrated has been NAIDOC and Reconciliation week… during a group discussion, we decided to represent and dedicate all of our learning on the stories of our elders on to a wall in our room to display our respect and appreciation ! (Some photos of toddler two down below). One of our favourite experiences we’ve done so far, was making our Rainbow snake with Rainnie, the children bonded through the Dreamtime story before asking over and over to have one In our room!

Under all this relationship building and community based projects, we have ALSO been learning our letters, can you believe it! Starting from the beginning at the letter A, slowly moving through a new letter each week. To help with the intensity of all this learning, we have strategically kept certain objects and Items in the room that begin with our letters to help children reflect and analysis their learning everyday !

On a more sad note, unfortunately Charmaine has recently stepped down in her Room Leader position to focus on her studies, to support her we have had Maddi step in her place semi permanently. Maddi is 20 years old and has lead 2 rooms previously before this one, her goals while being in the room is to help with fine/gross motor skills, letter recognition and of course building healthy and secure relationships !