Toddler 1 – “Harper” and Toddler 2 – “Harlow”

Toddler - Harper and Harlow
The busy world of a toddler is explored in toddler 1 – Harper and toddler 2 – Harlow where every child is given the opportunity to learn, grow, play and discover their confident selves.

Self-expression within daily routines is encouraged in this special age where toddler or children are explorers and creators. Children are encouraged to assess and take safe risks.

Every child has a personal locker and sleeping mat for quiet time. The shared kitchen area for these two rooms is where children start to learn about cause effect relationships via supervised food preparation activities, and more advanced life skills such as washing hands safely, and cleaning of dishes and meal areas.

Specifically, you and your child will love…

  • Music curriculum including songs, rhythm, dance and, drums and other percussion instruments
  • Age appropriate yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Art, craft, outdoor and indoor play incorporating nature and sustainability, and safe risk taking which gives your child confidence to step outside their boundaries
  • Literacy skills including sentence development
  • Numeracy in song and dance, as well as more advanced concepts like spatial awareness and colour coding is introduced
  • Individual lockers encourage taking responsibility for their belongings, and ample storage ensures learning are tidy when required
  • Shared kitchen area with sinks, fridges, freezers, microwave oven and dishwasher is utilised for fully supervised cooking activities which children just love – incorporates life skills such as setting the table and washing up
  • Strong emphasis on physically participating as individuals, in small groups and within the whole group in open ended activities with materials which have multiple uses
  • Life skills such as dressing and toileting as introduced at home are built on and enhanced. This includes raking leaves, sweeping and ironing with age-appropriate equipment
  • Individual mattresses for meditation and rest time
  • Laundry on site for the washing of bibs, tea towels and the like so everything is clean and fresh every day
  • Information board above the lockers keeps you informed of the day’s activities and upcoming events

In Toddler 1 – Harper and Toddler 2 – Harlow, we listen to each child’s voice and strive, always, to form a special bond with you and your child which provides a framework for their optimal growth and development.

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