Toddler 2 Harlow Room

Toddler 2 Harlow Room
Posted on July 28 2021 Categories: , , , ,

We have been very busy this month as we have continued to explore all our new additions in our indoor area, this has become our favourite learning area to explore and create our own play. The children seem to be loving every area of the room and enjoy creating in those environments, shape sorting, learning of alphabets and pretend play seems to a group interest this month in our room as most of our days have been seem our children imitating to these interests. The children have really enjoyed imaginative play, focus playing in the salon area, looking after their peers to comb their hair, pretend play in putting make up on and playing with dress ups. We will continue to extend on this by adding more things to the room to allow the children to explore further with their imaginative play.

Self-help/self-care development have continued with in the Toddler room and we are very pleased with how the children have been developing in those areas. The children have been engaging in self-help development by serving their own meals, emptying their own bowls into the scrap container during mealtimes. We have been working on hygiene practices and how to pack away after ourselves. This action has encouraged self- independence and some great fine motor development over the last few weeks and been a strong highlight for the children after they have finished their meal. We will continue to build strong relationships with the Toddler children and focusing on fine motor development and continuing to encourage the children to engage in their own self- help development and self- independence for school and life. It is important that the children learn how to be independent in preparation for school.

A big well done to all our toilet training toddlers! Your Educators are all so very proud of everyone’s progress. Please remember to bring a few pairs of underwear as accidents do sometime occur. Also a big thank you to our families for their continuing support because we know with great opportunities, our children will continue to thrive.

Note to our parents: Sorry to be painbut we need you to be labelling your child’s belongings. Please label your child’s water bottle, clothes, jumpers and anything else you bring in as we do not want your child’s belongings to be lost whilst in our centre. Labelling your child’s belongings make sure that they are returned to the right child’s bag to go home with you at the end of the day, it also helps us (your child’s Educators) out a lot.

From: Harlow Educators