Toddler 1 (Harper Room)

Toddler 1
Posted on July 22 2022 Categories: , , , ,

Toddler 1: So what’s been happening in Harper Room, Well so much has been happening our thriving and enthusiastic toddlers have been learning their colour identification and once they understood the primary colours we extended by using the STEAM approach and introduced the idea of mixing colours and if we mixed colours would the colour be the same or change?

Toddler 1

To introduce sustainable concepts to the children we have been talking to the children about what small things we can all do to become more sustainable and the benefits of being sustainable. We planted herbs and seeds and we use rain water that we catch on the rainy days to water the plants. We are planning a Lights Out Day once a month to save energy. We have been making recycled paper by shredding scrap paper and soaking it and using a mesh sieve to reshape and dry out to form a new piece of paper.

The Children love to discover the outdoor environments so we have tried to bring the outdoor indoors during the wet weather and have created a more spacious area and set up different items and created an obstacle course so that the children can still enjoy being physical indoors when they cant outdoors.

Music is a huge part of our room and day and we always incorporate this every day in the room and we use music in our curriculum and projects as children learn best through music and movement. So we do a lot of repetitive songs that have physical actions that they can follow which helps with memory and physical development and most of all they are learning and developing through having fun. Our toddlers are always having a great time and are thriving.