Toddler 1 Harper Room Update

Posted on March 31 2022 Categories: ,

Harper Room would like to wish all of the wonderful toddlers who have now moved up or on all the best and we would like to welcome all the new amazing toddlers that have joined us in Harper Room.

So much is happening as the new toddlers are settling into the room and currently we are focusing on The 5 R’s which are Routines, Rules, Responsibility, Relationships and Regulation and our wonderful children are adapting to the new environment and the 5 R’s amazingly and we are very proud and looking forward to  spending more time  and make some very special memories together. We aim for  children to feel a sense of belonging whilst forming safe and secure relationships within the room.

We will continue to develop these over the next few months

Sharree is really enjoying leading the team and the other amazing educators who love to come to work each day and work so hard to help each child reach outstanding developmental milestones and learning outcomes whilst creating a warm and welcoming environment. We would to acknowledge them Madhavi, Viv, Raeesa, Kelsey and our newest member Jorja.

We will keep you updated with our progress throughout the year and look forward to reaching many learning outcomes whilst making memories we can cherish forever.


💕Harper Team