Toddler 1- Harper Room July 2023

Posted on July 30 2023 Categories:

Harper Room

Hello to all our Harper families and to all the new families of children who have transitioned from the Nursery Hub.

Over the past few months in the Harper room, we have involved the children in a variety of projects and learning experiences based on children’s ongoing interests.

Our focus project was exploring the ocean animals and the children participated in play-based hands-on experiences to learn about the different ocean animals that lived in the ocean.

Throughout this project the children created ocean animals’ arts and craft, joined in for sensory play with ocean animal figurines and were invited to participate for interactive mat sessions to learn about the habitats and characteristics of the different ocean animals.

By being active participants in this project the children gain an awareness and understanding of the interdependence between land, people and animals that live in the environment and learn to become socially responsible and show respect for the environment.