The “Warm and Fuzzy”

The Warm and Fuzzy
Posted on June 23 2020 Categories: , , ,

Early Childhood Education is a busy profession to work in– engaging with so many people, staff, and families from all walks of life,  with different personalities ethnicities and backgrounds and always having to be prepared for the unexpected, is what makes it such an interesting and fulfilling job.

Here at Leap Start, we embrace our children and their families wholeheartedly as they are.

We know our families and despite offering exceptional education, developing our own pedagogical approach and running 5 Specialist Programs, for us the most important thing is not to forget about what we call the “Warm and Fuzzy”

Our parents and carers know that we deeply care about their child, know him or her really well, Will do our utmost to ensure every child has a strong sense of belonging and has build trusting and warm relationships with their educators.

Our aim is for our parents and carers to feel warmly welcomed themselves and being able to go to work knowing their child is loved and warmly cared for as well. We really endeavour to make each family’s journey at Leap Start unique and personalized:

Let’s take the example of a  beautiful 2-year-old boy in our Toddler room: Instead of the usual 3—4 settling visits, he visited at least 8  times to feel at home with us. Both Mum and him were very anxious to leave one another. Knowing the reason behind this we gave them both as much time as they felt they needed.

Just two days ago Mum told me how excited he gets up in the morning telling her what he wants to talk to Neha about. It is heartwarming seeing him arrive so full of happiness and joy!

Another beautiful little boy, only just a year old, was on his first-ever full day at Leap Start understandably, a bit sad, especially around his nap time. Coming from a family environment, our busy rooms, even though they are happy environments, they can be overwhelming to such a little one.

He had his nap in my arms at the front desk.

One day a very shy little girl in the Pre Kindy room was distressed and we had a hard time figuring out why. English is her second language and while distressed she’d only spoke in her native language.

Rachel, a very caring multilingual educator, left what she was doing, sat down with her, just held her, listened, and resolved the situation.

Catering to every child’s dietary requirements, interests, planning experiences for each child, knowing how to comfort each and every one of them and knowing what makes them laugh, offering coffee and tea to our families and being available if they need someone to lend an ear, taking families concern’s and feedback seriously are just a few examples of how we go the extra mile to create the “Warm and Fuzzy” .