The Wagyl – a Story Walk

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Do you know who the Wagyl is?

The Wagyl is the Noongar manifestation of the Rainbow Serpent in Australian Aboriginal mythology which, amongst other topographic features, is said to be responsible for the creation of the Swan and Canning Rivers and the hills and ranges that surround them.

With our Southern River Centre on its way, we welcomed three amazing artists to collaborate on a public artwork.

Meet Janet, Francine, and Rachel.

Janet and Francine are an ever so talented mother and daughter artist team, who have created collaborative works of art together before, but they have of course created their own art pieces as well.

Rachel of course is our very own resident Art Specialist Program Facilitator.

She has a knack for exploratory investigation with the children, but as an artist in her own right she can draw and paint just about anything. I particularly love how she depicts children. Have a look at the amazingly animated silhouette image.

Francine is a well know award winning artist and textile designer with a particular eye for expressive colour combinations.

Just take in the stunningly beautiful design of the scarf!

It actually tells a variant of the Wagyl story.

Janet is an incredible landscape artist, but what made m ego WOW! Is, that in the 1990s she was the creator of a 700-meter-long piece of art for reconciliation day!

It was such an awe-inspiring experience to be able to see these three talented artists discuss the artwork and then witness the ideas taking shape.

Walking with Wagyl will incorporate modern and traditional art methods and media, modern technology, and interactive features.

The artists are creating a sculptural installation showing the relationship between people and nature, it will encourage to overcome historical bias and prejudice and depict all children as equal.

Part of the aim is to motivate children and their families in a fun,interactive and interesting way to be curious about the natural world, fall in love with its beauty and become more and more aware of its  importance.

I can’t wait to see the final artwork displayed at Leap Start Southern River!