Symphony Singers 2021

symphony singers
Posted on March 5 2021 Categories: ,

We had our first class for Symphony Singers for 2021 this wonderful Monday morning. Children were so excited to come to the Art Studio and sing with their fellow classmates. As a class we spoke about respecting others while they are performing, listening to each other and rules when singing and holding the microphone. It is actually not that easy to hold a microphone so that it works best and carries our voices! Once we had done that, we warm up our voices and children took it in turns to be brave and to stand on the stage and sing their favourite song. There were some wonderful moments of new children getting up on stage for the first time with so much confidence and singing with outstanding gusto, as well as returning children who finally go up on stage for the very first time singing by themselves. I could not have been prouder of my wonderful students!

You are AMAZING!!!

Going forward from next week on we will offer two days of musical performance, Symphony Singers, classes: Every Monday and Friday morning starting at 8.30am- 9.15am and from 9.30am – 10.15am starting from next week. Children arrive at the centre for 8:30am ready for their class.

Check out our very own Performing Arts T-shirts! You can purchase them through us, just as me, Christina, Jaimie or Jacinta about them.

Our children can wear them on the days they attend the Symphony Singers, for performances – we have planned 2 showcases for this year- and of course at home if they feel like it

Jaimie, our wonderful and ever so talented dance teacher (Little Steppers)  and myself, yours truly Christin- Little Symphonies – music and Symphony Singers-musical performance-  have so much planned for the Performing Arts Programs this year and can’t wait to share all the exciting projects coming your way! Watch this space.