Steam 2023 – Our Year Ahead…

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For our STEAM this year each term we will be focusing on each area in depth.

Steam 2023

For our first project the children will be investigating science and exploring how substances can collide and make new materials! These can be explored through experiences such as making playdough, oobleck, slime and other fun activities that we don’t want to spoil just yet. The children will also be exploring physics through activities that test the laws of gravity.

These experiences can encourage children to inspire curiosity and an attitude of discovery, promotes the understanding and processes through life skills such as cooking, encourages the integration of subjects and ideas and truth seeking.

Our second project will have technology and engineering combined as these areas go hand in hand when experiencing STEAM based activities.  Children will be encouraged to follow instructions of building or creating objects that involve a trial-and-error response. Some activities may go to plan, and some may not… this is to promote life skills.

In life there are times things may not go as we would hope, helping children understand the whys and how’s of this can help children manage their behaviour and gain the understanding of regulating. Technology itself can promote engagement & motivation, independent learning, collaboration, creativity and support learning and special educational needs.

Engineering can support children to practice important skills, discover capabilities they didn’t know they had and empower young children to see themselves as problem solvers.

For our art-based project, we will be creating pieces that involve a process for a result. These experiences may include colour mixing, paper mache, exploding objects, beads etc. Children learn to express their ideas and imagination through art.

It encourages them to experiment with unknown materials and use new methods and techniques to achieve their desired effect. This helps boost their self-confidence and decision-making skills in the future. We will be using the trial-and-error effect throughout our art experiences as well!

When we explore our last project linked with Maths. Children will combine all aspects of STEAM in the processes. These experiences can be created through step-by-step problem solving such as measuring objects to fit in confined spaces, using shapes to create objects such as houses or even using LEGO as a building technique but allowing the children to count how long and high their creations are by counting each dot!

Math is the means and foundation to the solid development of the skills of learning, logical thinking and reasoning. This area will prepare children to attain the skills required for later schooling!

We are so excited for our year ahead and the endless possibilities that are waiting for us!

Maddison Conner