Social Media Blog July

Social Media Blog July
Posted on July 17 2020 Categories: , , ,

Social Media Blog  – July

Leap Start embarked on this social media journey this year, it originally began to educate children and families while at home due to Covid and not wanting to expose children to possible illness. Since starting with our social media platforms we have gotten to know many families on a personal level through our closed Facebook community.


Now that we have had our Facebook group up and running we have been able to get to know families more and further build the relationships that we had already developed within the service and then also get to know other new families as well.

It’s been amazing to see what our wonderful families get up to while they are at home. We have seen a range of different science experiments, art experiences and relationships with family members. These relationships can then assist us in building relationships with families and get to know more about home life.

Social media has also offered many learning opportunities for children as well, from Educational videos to different art experiences that children can do within the home environment. The educators also created videos where they read stories to the children that they could view while at home and continue to see their educators while not in the centre.

Our Instagram has taken off as well with new content being posted and getting it out there that we do have an Instagram account, You’ll find us by searching “Leap Start Early Learning Childcare”. We love seeing families find us and follow us so that they can continue to see what we are doing an support us on this amazing journey.

The social media platforms have really given us the chance to enhance relationships and make Leap Start really like a family.