Security and Safety

Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy has been designed and fitted out with your child’s Security and Safety as our number 1 priority. This means that each day you drop them off you’ll leave with the peace of mind knowing every effort has been made to keep them secure and loving their learning.

Security and Safety

Here’s how:

  • CCTV cameras which are monitored at all times during opening hours give us a bird’s eye view of what’s happening from the car park to the outdoor play area so we can respond quickly if any need arises
  • The front entrance is secured by an electronic security system meaning only parents/caregivers issued with an official swipe card can enter
  • Once inside you are greeted by our friendly receptionist who helps direct your enquiry – no one can proceed beyond the foyer without authorisation; and of course, no children can exit without a registered parent/caregiver
  • The U-shape configuration of the buildings, with large areas of tempered safety glass (which exceed the rigorous Australian standards), also means all children are monitored at all times
  • The Family Room – this is an enormously popular feature of our Centre located immediately beside Reception where families can talk to our Childcare Educators, parents can look through the viewing window unobtrusively to ensure your child is settled, or even spend time with them to get them acclimatised each day before they move to their designated room; it also doubles as a waiting area on visit days and where our Childcare Educators can meet with specialists without disrupting routines

Rest assured our security and safety measures are beyond anything available in the child care industry, to our knowledge in WA, if not Australia.

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One thing parents always compliment us on is how clean the learning environment is. To achieve this, we employ professional cleaners who work every week day, just like in a school. In many centres it’s the teaching staff who do this important job during the day which reduces educator-child ratios. This is not what we believe best benefits children so we employ cleaners and gardeners. You’ll notice too, as many parents do, how clean our glass is. Hand prints and the like are normal on all glass but we believe this reduces natural light into rooms and can impede viewing/supervision, so we make sure all windows are cleaned regularly.

You’ll also be amazed by our next generation hand washing station. Further, in the interests of health and safety, all toys likely to be sucked or put to mouth in the younger age rooms, are washed twice per day to prevent the spread of germs.

We also have laundry facilities on site for daily washing of bibs and tea towels.

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