Safety Measures in Leapstart Early Learning Child Care

Safety Measures
Posted on April 16 2021 Categories: , ,

In light of recent media reports about regulation and safety breaches in Western Australian childcare centers, I thought I tell you about some of the safety measures we have in place to ensure your children’s health, safety and wellbeing:

First of course we have electronically accessible doors, which only allow authorised persons to open them. The system even registers the name and time a person enters and leaves the building.

Children simply can’t open the doors leading out of the centre

There are cameras throughout the building and the yard, and the management team can access our monitor system on their computers and phones to check all monitored areas any time.

Educators welcome each child individually and personally and mark them on their room attendance list as soon as they arrive, and then mark them as having left once collected. This is in addition to the electronic signing in system that our families use.

Each room has an additional staff member daily, exceeding required minimum ratios.

Supervision plans are in place for all outside areas and staff members, who are Team Leaders or Responsible Persons, will guide and train new staff members.

To ensure the safety of all children with additional dietary requirements, new and relief staff are not permitted to prepare or serve food to any of our children.