Performing Arts Showcase

Performing Arts Showcase
Posted on June 24 2021 Categories: , , ,

The Performing Arts Showcase at Leap Start Early Learning is a performance on held at the centre or a selected venue chosen by our highly qualified staff. The performance will focus on a selection of the work children have been learning in their classes the past two terms. Our focus and theme this showcase was ‘Disney’.  Our Performing Arts Programs are selected children in the pre-kindy and kindy rooms who show a promising future in this field. At the centre we focus on children’s interests and give them the opportunities and experiences to start their journeys.

We invited our families to join us at the centre on the 12th of June for a wonderful morning of singing and dancing and of course delicious ‘Disney’ themed food. (Pictures provided below) The performance went extremely well with most children taking the stage and showcasing what they enjoyed most in classes. We had overwhelming support by the parents and can happily say we will continue to grow our programs for more children at the centre.

Going forward we will offer two days for our Symphony Singers and Little Steppers classes: Every Monday and Friday morning starting at 8.30am- 9am and from 9am – 9:30am starting from next week. Children arrive at the centre for 8:15am ready for their class. We do not accept late comers.

We also now have our very own Performing Arts T-shirts you can purchase them through Christina, Jaimie or Jacinta. Our children can wear them on the days they attend the performing arts classes and for any performances at the centre. We have one more showcase at the end of the year that we’re extremely excited about. Our teachers are already coming together to discuss ideas and themes to make this one bigger and better…. Stay tuned to find out more.

If you would like to know more about our programs at Leap Start, please contact our Performing Arts staff today!