Performing Arts Showcase 2020

Performing Arts Showcase 2020
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Our Very First Performing Arts Showcase 2020

On Saturday the 31st of October we had our very first Performing Arts Showcase, for our new programs Little Steppers and Symphony Singers at the Cockburn Youth Centre. Our concert showcased the singing and dancing that we have been learning in our classes throughout the year. It was really a beautiful day and not something attempted at a childcare centre before. Families were super impressed with the high standard of professional and commitment from staff and children. It was truly a day to remember for our centre.

Welcome to The Jungle

Our showcase was called ‘Welcome to The Jungle’ which was selected form the children interest earlier in the year. All of the routines were inspired around the theme of jungles and animals. The children had animal themed costumes, the stage was decorated with vines and green plants, we had full stage lighting and microphones making it a fantastic and exciting experience for our children and families at the centre.

It is such a massive achievement to the children who took to the stage and participated in the concert. It can be such a scary thing going up on stage and performing in front out others, however all the children blow everyone away with their enthusiasm and bravery. There were some lovely moments during the concert, we heard gusto singing, watched fantastic dance moves, and watched all the children shine. As a teacher there is nothing that warms my heart more than seeing the next generation of performers coming through and knowing you had a part in assisting their passions. I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the families involved in the concert and taking the time to come and watch the performance. It has been such a wonderful year creating these outstanding programs and watching our students grow into wonderful little performers.