Paradise Room

Paradise Room
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Paradise Room: Nursery 2 welcomes you to our wonderful educators Emma ,Tamsin, Kaylee and Astrid as they are all unique and bring something special to our room , you will find the girls create a variety of experiences to suit all ages and development from 15-18months old .

Paradise Room

Our centre at Leapstart Early Learning provides programs called accelerated neuro response that stimulates early child development in a variety of cognitive , emotional and social areas such as music , art and foreign language this is also great for fundamental neural pathways in a child’s brain.

We always provide environmentally safe but risk play which are created from children’s interests and development skills , goals and hobbies that are set up with the helping hand off the children as they love to help and role play from observing their educators.

Working at Leapstart is amazing because we learn something new from the children each day as they teach us unique ways of seeing differently and using materials.

Our Centre shows its diversity  through our educators and their unique backgrounds and how we imbed it throughout the centre for children to learn.

In the paradise room we have had some new children start and we have also had some transition to other rooms where we have been focusing on creating bonds first before rushing  into the deepend.

Our room provides a variety of self help and role playing skills such as wiping down windows , tables and chairs .

We also encourage independence with their belongings as they begin to become independent they start to try new ways of putting on their clothes, shoes and socks with guidance which teaches them responsibility