Our Typical Day…

For babies we keep as close as possible to your home routines so there is a smooth transition between home and care for both you and bub.

Our typical day includes everything from our two spacious cot rooms with their ergonomic all-timber cots at just the right height (smoother lay down and pick up for bub and better for Childcare Educators) to feeding them the way you would at home: high chair being fed or self-feeding, or a combination of both.

  • Arrival
  • Play/music/meditation/yoga
  • Morning tea
  • Educational program/play/music
  • Lunch
  • Quiet time/sleep/meditation
  • Afternoon tea
  • Music/yoga/education program
  • Play
  • Home
  • A Day in Child Care
  • Our Typical Day
  • Our Typical Day
  • Leapstart Early Learning
A Day in Child Care

The nappy department – our shared nappy change room is, as you would expect, another great new idea, with glass panel for supervision and individual lockers for each child. It even has a toilet for those children showing signs of toileting (in addition of course to the toilets for the older children).

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