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  • Birgit


  • Liam

    Assistant Director

  • Amiee

    Educational Leader Inclusion Support Officer

  • Jacinta

    Administration Officer

  • Carron

    Team Leader in Harmony ( Nursery 1)

  • Sandi

    Team Member Harmony Room ( Nursery 1)

  • Danielle

    2IC Harmony Room
    (Nursery 1)

  • Krizza

    Team Member Harmony Room (Nursery 1)

  • Astrid

    Team Member Harmony Room(Nursery 1)

  • Samantha

    2 IC Paradise Room
    (Nursery 2)

  • Herley

    Team Member in Paradise (Nursery 2)

  • Mary

    Team Member Paradise Room (Nursery 2)

  • Ramona

    Team Member Paradise ( Nursery 2)

  • Lucy

    Team Leader of Harper (Toddler 1)

  • Regina

    Project Coordinator Team Member Toddler Hub

  • Taylor

    Team Member Toddler Hub Sustainability Officer

  • Charmaine

    Toddler Hub Team Member

  • Rainiee

    Toddler Hub Team Member

  • Ranji

    Team Member Toddler Hub

  • Sharree

    Team Member Toddler Hub

  • Tamsin

    Team Leader Huxley Room (Pre-Kindy)

  • Katherine

    Team Leader Huxley (Pre Kindy)

  • Kristine

    Team Member in Harlow (Pre-Kindy)

  • Madeline

    2IC Kindy Room

  • Varsha

    Team Member Kindy Room

  • Viv

    Team Member Kindy Room

  • Rhianna

    Team Support

  • Mesrawati

    Inclusion Support Staff Team Support

  • Kelsey

    Team Member Support Staff

  • Charlee

    Team Member, Cert III, Team Support

  • Nian Tze

    Team Member, Team Support

  • Rhianna

    Team Member, Team Support

  • Christina

    Specialist Program Coordinator, Music “Little Symphonies” Musical Performance “Symphonie Singers “

  • Rachel

    Specialist Program Coordinator Art “Artificent Tots” Mandarin” Little Lingo Learners”

  • Jaimie

    Team Leader Kindy Room Specialist Program Coordinator, Dance “Little Steppers”

  • Noelle

    Food Operations Manager

  • Raeesa