Our Little Steppers

Our Little Steppers
Posted on June 28 2021 Categories: ,

Hello, my name is Jaimie the teacher of our Little Steppers Performing Arts Dance Program here at leap start early learning childcare. Over the past term we have been focusing on our midyear show case routines and working closely with Christina the teacher of our singing classes symphony singers to get this all up and running. Our Little Steppers have worked super hard in class going over routines to try and make it muscle memory and using Jaimie the teacher as little as possible. Our Little Steppers have come so far from the beginning of the year to achieve movements, stretches and routines and using other kinds of props while also having fun.

Our midyear show case was held here at leap start on Saturday the 12th June where Jaimie (Dance teacher and Christina singing teacher) Set up a Disney themed out door area ready for all of our Performing arts students. I would like to say a big Thank you to all that came last weekend to our midyear showcase it was a great morning and finally being able to show everyone what we have been learning in class. It is such a big thing for our little steppers to get up and perform in front of a crowd and they all gave it a go. This was a perfect opportunity to gain that confidence and start to feel more comfortable performing Infront of crowds and loved ones and I am so proud of all of them.

Going forwards we will now be planning for our end of year show case performance with a new theme. This will be performed on a stage in a hall for the full experience of a performing arts show case. We will be taking on some more trials in term 3 From our pre-kindy and kindy rooms to see who would like to come and join our Performing arts programs.