Our Little Steppers Dance Program

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Welcome to our Little Steppers Dance Program blog!

The Leap Start Early Learning – Little Steppers Dance Program (Specialist Program) has recently been extended through to the whole centre here at Jandakot.  Now catering to teach children from Nursery 2 through to Kindy, our Leap Start children now get the chance to take part in dance class 3 days a week being Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Little Steppers


Little Steppers Dance Program

Our dance teacher for the Little Steppers Program, Miss Emma, aims to always investigate and explore locomotor and non-locomotor movements, coordination skills, creative skills as well as developing on each tiny dancers self confidence.

Our Little Steppers Dance Program is now separated into two styles of teaching. One being an open space dance class for all the children to participate, mingle with their peers and the other being indoor studio classes which allows more in depth teaching during class time in the art studio using mirrors, floor stars and one on one interactions and corrections from their dance teacher.

Not only does the Little Steppers Dance Program run during services hours, there are End of Year Dance Showcases each year to display the great work all the children have accomplished throughout their time at care as well as a mini showcase at the Leap Start Early Learning Christmas Concert.  As children learn a few little dance routines throughout the year, the children are then encouraged to jump up on stage with their peers and perform for all their family and friends.

Recently completing our End of Year Showcase – Into The Wild, all of the staff, families and dancers showed great enthusiasm towards the performance which was so exciting to see.  It is so lovely being able to bring all the Little Steppers families together to what their tiny dancers shine out on stage.

As the Christmas Concert has been fast approaching, Miss Emma has kept our dance classes small and intimate and has gone into each individual room throughout the centre and worked on Christmas dances in this way to encourage all of the children to join in and participate as they please.

All the Leap Start Early Learning children have shown very promising outcomes towards our Little Steppers Dance Program over the year and are always excited to strive further during class times with Miss Emma.

Miss Emma is always working very hard to assist all the Leap Start tiny dancers as much as she can and will always show her best interest in each individual child and their dance abilities.