Welcome to our Beautiful Harmony Room

Harmony Room
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Welcome to our beautiful harmony room. In our nursery room we look after babies based on various philosophies and principles. These philosophies encourage learning conditions that enhance thinking and experiential learning, we tailor the environment to accommodate children’s needs, and implement a curriculum that is guided by children’s interest, in an ecofriendly way.

Our Beautiful Harmony Room

Our main care in baby room is mainly to follow the routines of the families. The parents will outline their routine and we follow this throughout the day for the babies in our room. Apart from following routine, we also create a program of activities for the babies to participate in while they play.

In the coming next few weeks, we are going to plan Rainbow experience with babies. Our sole purpose to choose this theme is to engage all the babies in activities through colours. Rainbow are symbols of joy, acceptance, and hope. Through this experience we can teach children colour recognition, providing opportunities to learn more about primary colours. This kind of experience helps to support hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity. We also arrange some of the activities which helps baby’s physical development. They can learn crawling, sitting, and walking through this experience. We believe that children excel by doing and experimenting, so you will find our program to be a very hands-on approach to learn.

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