Our Beautiful Prekindy Room

Prekindy Room
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Hello and welcome to our families!

Here in our beautiful prekindy room you will find your educators Tahlia and Maddi ????

Prekindy Room – Details

As a team we aim to always ensure a safe and secure environment for our children focusing on building strong and secure relationships with the children.

Throughout our pre kindy room you will find environments that promote curious and engaged learning as we change and adapt them to suit our projects and learning experiences so the childrens little brains are forever being challenged!

As the children in the pre kindy room begin learning more independent skills with the educators support every step of the way with things like toilet training, and simple life skills we also begin teaching them school readiness. We are very lucky to have our very own interactive whiteboard where daily mat sessions occur, during this time we go through catchy and repetitive songs to begin their understanding on key concepts of literacy and numeracy based learning all while making it a fun learning experience with songs that will most certainly get stuck in your head!

During our rest and relaxation times we have introduced our cosmic kids yoga for the children this allows them to move and stretch their bodies while engaging in all sorts of adventures with the cosmic teacher Jamie participating in rest and relaxation often relaxes their minds and bodies enough that they will slowly fall to sleep for a quick nap waking up with a lot more energy to keep going for the rest of the afternoon ☺️

Recently we have introduced a coffee shop into the room the children have enjoyed engaging together making their educators all types of coffees. Educators have then started up different conversations with the children expanding their vocabulary and thinking skills as their asked questions like how many sugars their parents take and what type of coffee like. Creating those special magic moments together is what we love to do in our pre kindy room ☺️


Love Tahlia and Maddi x