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Art Gallery
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Our Art Gallery

We have finally completed our gigantic flower themed canvases! The children had so much fun exploring flowers through this experience. It was an amazing large scale art collaboration project with all the children in the centre involved and we can’t wait to look for the perfect place to display it.

In the Kindy room, we discussed what the new families would like to see in the parent room and the children brought up some interesting suggestions. One of them sparked a fascinating idea which led us to a long discussion and planning creative process.

“We can paint the Leap Start building with all the teachers, all the children and families in it.”

We observed the building from a distance and the children noticed small details like the red fire bell, security card scanner and security alarm as well as determining the number of windows and their varying shapes and sizes. We also walked around the centre to count the number of educators and children, trying our best to remember all their names.

Another big art project titled ‘The Australian Story’ sparked from a single question “What are the colours of Australia?” and the children provided answers that reminded them of Australia which included colours of the sky, flag, animals, and people. They displayed knowledge in the Aboriginal culture as one of the children commented:

“Orange, red and black. A long, long time ago, there’s only black people in Australia.”

From there, we learned about the Aboriginal cultures and Australia’s first people through investigating artworks like dot painting, bush medicine leaves painting and fibre art. The children express ideas and make meaning of their learning as they mimicked the art technique used by the Aboriginal artists and developed their own techniques throughout the creative process.

art gallery