Olympic Village Art Project

Olympic Village Art Project
Posted on June 23 2021 Categories: ,

The children participated actively in the Olympic Village Art Project this month to show support for our Australian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

We learned about colours of the Australian Olympic team as we filled up the empty canvas with yellow and green oil pastels. We resourced our own learning provocations set up. We mixed black poster paint and PVA glue together before covering the entire canvas. We discussed about the colours of the Olympic flag and commented that “red, blue and yellow are missing”. Once the paint has all dried up, we sprayed water onto the surface and dabbed it with paper towels, revealing interesting patterns and the beautiful colours underneath. The patterns reminded us of the “trees and forests”.

We decided to add in the missing red, blue and yellow as we learned about primary colours. As we stamped the colours on with cardboard rolls, we realised that they look just like the rings on the Olympic flag. Educator Rachel projected the outline of Australia onto the canvas, and we traced it out with white ink markers. We commented that we are “following the light of Australia”.We also added some finishing touches like the stars and waves around Australia as well as some tiny details inside Australia like kangaroos, dolphin, river, carpark and our centre to bring our masterpiece to life.

From this experience, the children developed dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination, and reflexivity. They also transferred and adapted what they’ve learned from one context to another.