NURTURING Early Learners with PROPER Sun Protection at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care.

Sun Protection
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Let’s look at the importance of sun protection for early-learning children and provide helpful guidance regarding how to make our children safe from the sun.

Our focus in child care is the health and safety of children, and during the summer months, we need to take extra precautions in some areas. It’s time to start thinking about children’s sun protection since the temperature and UV rating are both rising as we are soon coming into Summer.

Sun Protection at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care

7 Important Sun Safety procurations we deliver!

  1. WE ALWAYS WEAR OUR HATS: Our staff and children must wear hats when being outdoors at any time of the day. No hat no play, this basically means if you haven’t brought your hat to the childcare or don’t want to wear it unfortunately you will have to miss out on playing outdoors until you can pop on a hat!


  1. WE APPLY SUNSCREEN 2-HOURLY: Our educators apply sunscreen to our children every 2 hours this includes compliance checks and making sure to record each occasion. This way we are not only protecting our children but helping educate them on how important regular sunscreen application is for when they grow up. As sunscreen is not applied once, you are safe and protected… you must apply sunscreen regularly throughout the course of the day when the UV is high otherwise you will not be properly protected by the great benefits sunscreen provides.
  2. REGULAR FLOOR TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Using a surface temperature gun our educators will test the temperature of the ground on a hot day. If the temperate of the ground outside is too high, to protect our children, we won’t allow them to play outside even if they may be wearing sunscreen, protective clothing, and shoes in the incident they may fall over or bend down and burn themselves on the ground is too great of a risk to take. This is why we make sure to conduct regular floor temperature checks to assess if it is safe for our children.
  1. DOCUMENTED UV DAILY: To make sure we can get ready for high-level days, we keep track of the ultraviolet (UV) ray levels throughout the day and record them in the glass entry doors on both sides of the reception.
  1. SHADE SAIL COVERAGE: We have shade sails outside covering our outdoor play space areas with 91% coverage. Protecting us from sun damage, exposure, and harm from the sun. Allowing children to be able to play outside in a safe environment.
  1. SHOULDERS AND NECKS COVERED: Before heading outside to play, we make sure our children’s shoulders and necks are protected. Wearing clothing creates a protective shield between your skin and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is among the best methods for shielding your skin from the sun.
  2. SHOES MUST BE WORN: We make sure our children have their shoes on and must be always worn when outdoors to protect their precious little feet from hot grounds however unless they are playing in the sandpit.

Dehydration is a major concern in the field of sun protection. Ensure that every child is getting adequate water and encourage frequent breaks for water. Water consumption should also be a top emphasis in addition to this. Children who play and are active in the heat run the risk of being dehydrated.

In early learning, protecting our children from the sun is important. Teaching and enforcing sun safety measures protects our young children. Educators and carers have an important part in guiding children to inherit these habits that will protect the health and wellbeing of our young children initially by including sun protection practises into their daily routine.

Together, we can create a sun-safe space.