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Nursery 1 – “Harmony” (6 weeks to 15 months)

The most important time because learning, with the RIGHT stimulation, happens so fast.

In Nursery 1, “harmony” for your child is our goal, hence its name. We blend the routines of home with our award-winning music based curriculum to help children connect to the world around them and achieve appropriate developmental milestones.

We acknowledge your child has been learning since before birth so our programs give infants opportunities for fine motor and sensory activities.

Children enjoy music, happiness, laughter, fun, excitement and adventure. This enables them to discover more about themselves, their uniqueness and individuality in a safe and supportive learning environment which includes:

  • Music curriculum including songs, rhythm, dance
  • Age appropriate yoga and mediation
  • Relaxation and quiet time, including tummy time
  • Art, craft, outdoor and indoor play incorporating nature and sustainability
  • Language and pre-literacy skills via story time, conversation and drawing

The Harmony program recognises the National Quality Framework (NQF) and WA’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Gives you peace of mind that your child is loved and cared for, and gets the attention they need.

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Nursery 2 – “Paradise” (15 months to 2 years)

The important steps to a lifelong love of learning happen here.

Paradise builds on the foundations laid in “Harmony” (Nursery 1), with a step up in all areas to age-appropriate levels.

Children are encouraged to follow their interests and explore in a safe and secure environment.

The key point of difference in “Paradise” is that educators asses children every month and base activities on their changing interests and needs. In addition, every 6 months children are evaluated and goals for the next 6 months are set.

In Paradise your child will love our:

  • Music curriculum including songs, rhythm, dance, and drums and other percussion instruments
  • Age appropriate yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Art, craft, outdoor and indoor play incorporating nature and sustainability, and safe risk taking
  • Language skills including expressing words is formally introduced
  • Increased emphasis on physical skills like running and jumping
  • Self-help skills such as dressing and toilet training


The Paradise program recognises the National Quality Framework (NQF) and WA’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

It’s important to note that children under 2 learn via sensory experience which is why all activities are open ended and supported by natural resources (eg blocks, sticks, cones, bark) rather than the commercialised “pop up” flashing equipment sold in department stores.

Rest assured the planned activates your child experiences invites them to interact with their environment so their love of learning is nurtured.

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