Nursery 2 Update

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Nursery 2 – Updates 2023

Hi from Nursery 2

Welcome I’m Kelly your new room leader for N2, I have been a qualified for 15 years in the industry and I have 3 children of my own 15,8,2. I have worked at Leapstart for 1 year, but I have been the cook since I started ????.

I will be working alongside Astrid, Kaylee and Vivien. We have a very good team, I would love to have any feed back from you?

This week the children have been exploring a new environment indoor and outdoor, we have made some changes to help with our planning of farms following the children’s interests, we have created but not yet finished a barn, food market, with produce grown and made from a farm.

  • We will also be doing lots of sensory activities and art and craft following this interest, this week we started with pigs.
  • We have been singing and reading lots of stories about animals, our favourite being old McDonald.
  • Next week we will bring doing a puppet show, making mud, and washing the animals when they get dirty.
  • Following up with hand hygiene and encouragement for the children when looking after and respecting our toys so we have them for a long time to come.

Thank you for ready would love any feedback.

From the team in nursery 2
Kelly Kaylee Astrid Vivien x