Nursery 2 “Paradise”

Posted on June 6 2022 Categories: , ,

Welcome to Paradise!

A room full of regularly new and exciting activities and environments for our 15-18 month olds to investigate and explore!

In our Paradise room we have some amazing team members.  Emma, Tamsin, Kaylee and Astrid create the Paradise team who always collaborate ideas, work as a team and provide the most educational yet fun environments and play experiences for the children to explore during their time at care.

Our job at Leap Start Early Learning is to provide early childhood children with a warm and welcoming environment to learn in.  Encouraging development in each individual child’s focus areas and create new and exciting ways to explore these.

Being an educator for Leap Start Early Learning is such a rewarding feeling.  Being able to watch each child grow and develop as well as be there to work alongside them as they blossom and grow into gorgeous investigators and explorers.

Recently in the Paradise room, educators have been working hard to focus on important events that are happening worldwide to celebrate with the children.  Always incorporating cultural diversity into our curriculum, celebrating Reconciliation Week with our Paradise children was remarkable.  Collaborating as a team, the Paradise educators created incredible activities out of natural resources for the children to investigate and explore to celebrate this event, as well as, focus on key developmental points in each child’s learning.

Creating warm and inviting room environments in the Paradise room is something the Paradise team thrive for. Using natural woods, neutral colours, natural resources and sustainable furniture creates our pleasant, calming indoor environment for our children to learn in.

Alongside all of our great Paradise things, our Little Steppers Dance Program has blossomed.  Emma, the Paradise Team Leader is now a big part of the Little Steppers Dance Program. Now inviting all children within the service to participate in our dance program, this is offered 5 days a week for children in Nursery 2 all the way to the Kindy room to enjoy dance classes with Emma and Jaimie (Dance Teachers) during their time at care.