Nursery 2 (Paradise Room)

Paradise Room
Posted on September 17 2021 Categories: , , ,

Hello and welcome to the Paradise room!

As the warmer weather has started, the beautiful sun has started to rise and shine earlier. The children are now able to explore the outdoor environments for longer periods of time during the day and has welcomed back water play and sensory experiences. The children have been practising their sun safety throughout winter by wearing our hats, and this beautiful weather has created opportunity for the children to start applying sunscreen to themselves, giving them a sense of being and independence.

Educators have been observing the children’s individual interests within the room and changed the indoor and outdoor environments to reflect our currents interests. The dinosaurs and home corner have created a huge opportunity for children to create peer relationships and express their thoughts and feelings in a dramatic play setting. Language and self-help skills are constantly improving within the room and more of the children have shown a strong interest in reading books with educators or sitting quietly in our calm corner on their own exploring the images in the books.

We would love to introduce everyone to our new educator Kaylee. Kaylee is 5 days a week and has been working with children for the last 3 years, currently holding her certificate 3 in Early childhood education. She has demonstrated a very caring and kind personality that has fit in well with our current room’s dynamics, and has already formed strong, safe, and secure bonds with children in the Paradise room.

Over the last few months, we have celebrated a lot of children’s birthdays, Father’s Day and several fundraising events. It is evident that the children within the Paradise room enjoy and engage in all celebrations through hands on experiences. Making birthday cakes together and enjoying our cake for afternoon tea, Father’s Day gifts, jelly cups for the RSPCA and even wearing red for our Red Nose Day Disco are just some of the fun experiences and meaningful memories that we have shared as a room and across the centre.