Nursery 2 Paradise Room Update

Posted on March 4 2022 Categories: , , , ,

Recently, we have welcomed Emma to the ‘Paradise’ team as Team Leader.  Joining the Leap Start team back in January 2022, Emma is excited to encourage and work alongside all your beautiful children as they blossom into gorgeous investigators and explorers here at Leap Start Early Learning.

Emma has been working in the childcare industry since 2017 firstly studying her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and quickly after that completing her Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care.  Always having a passion to be a part of children hitting developmental milestones, Emma couldn’t think of a better industry to be working in.

Alongside working in childcare, Emma has a big passion for dancing. Dancing for the past 12 years at her local dance studio, Emma has successfully hit the ‘professional dancer’ milestone she always strived for completing 2 overseas cruise ship contacts onboard top class cruise line companies.  Since joining the Leap Start team, Emma can not wait to be able to share her love and passion for dancing with all your children through the Little Steppers Program here at Leap Start in the months to come.

In our Nursery 2 “Paradise” room we have some incredible team members.  Emma, Tamsin, Kaylee, Neha D and Neha B create the Nursery 2 team always collaborating ideas, working as a team and providing the most educational and fun environment for your children during their time at care.

Currently in Nursery 2 the children have been investigating and exploring ‘Colour Recognition.’ Starting this project off with our primary colours, the children have enjoyed investigating their fine motor and sensory skills as they explored the colours red, blue and yellow. All the children are very curious and enthusiastic towards this project and the Nursery 2 team can not wait to extend on this further.

In the Nursery 2 “Paradise” room the team enjoys changing the environments up to keep the children’s little minds stimulated.  We have recently added a 2nd level into our environment which allows the children to spontaneously look out the window at the ducks in their own time exploring the world around them.  We are lucky enough to have a window looking out to the ducks in our space as this is an interest of the children that the Nursery 2 team will extend on.

Recently introducing red ‘Medical Bracelets’ into the service, this creates a clear identification for all staff which children in the centre each day have severe medical conditions/allergies and anaphylaxis.  These bracelets will be put on by a team member in the room and taken off and kept at the service at pick up each day the child is attending the service.