Nursery 2 – “Paradise”

Nursery 2 – Paradise
Paradise builds on the foundations laid in “Harmony” (Nursery 2 for 6 weeks to 15 months), with a step up in all areas to age-appropriate levels.

Children are encouraged to follow their interests and explore in a safe and secure environment.

The key point of difference in Nursery 2 –“Paradise” is that Childcare Educators assess children every month and base activities on their changing interests and needs. In addition, every 6 months children are evaluated and goals for the next 6 months are set.

Specifically, you and your child will love…

  • Music curriculum including songs, rhythm, dance
  • Age appropriate yoga and mediation
  • Relaxation and quiet time
  • Art, craft, indoor and outdoor play (with soft fall) incorporating nature and sustainability
  • Language and pre-literacy skills via story time, conversation and drawing
  • Large play area so they enjoy their solitary play without bumping into other children
  • Shared modern nappy change room and toilet facility, complete with individual lockers for each child’s supplies, and glass panels for supervision
  • Staff only kitchen area with large double door fridge for bottle storage, sinks for cleaning and dishwasher
  • Ample storage available so when appropriate your child enjoys a mess-free learning environment
  • Specially chosen ergonomic cots for smooth pick up and lay down so sleep disturbance is minimised, with the added benefit of being at the height to minimise bending for our Childcare Educators; these cots are made of wood – yes, even indoors we’ve tried to make the environment as natural as possible!
  • Sterilisation of toys to minimise the spread of germs – our “mouth toys” are washed twice a day every day, and the room is cleaned by professionals every day
  • Laundry on site for the washing of bibs, tea towels and the like so everything is clean and fresh every day
  • Information board above the lockers keeps you informed of the day’s activities and upcoming events

It’s important to note that children under 2 learn via sensory experience which is why all activities are open ended and supported by natural resources (eg blocks, sticks, cones, bark) rather than the commercialized “pop up” flashing equipment sold in department stores.

Rest assured the planned activates your child experiences invites them to interact with their environment so their love of learning is nurtured.

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