Nursery 1 (Harmony Room)

Nursery 1
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Hello and welcome to another term in Nursery 1. We have been welcoming new children to our room and getting to know both them and their families. It has been very exciting to also see our babies crawl for the first time and get really excited when they reach the item they have been after.

Nursery 1

We have also been working with families to encourage our almost walkers become confident walkers and see how excited they are to see the room differently. Aswell as these personal goal’s we with the help of Susan have come up with a different way of getting parent import. We have printed out some foot steps and have asked families to write down what goals they want their child to achieve over the next few months.

We also have a children’s voices window where we are currently writing their words on. Susan has also printed some beautiful pictures of the children so we can continue the theme of self identity. These photos have made the parents laugh and everyone comments on them which in turn starts a new conversation.

Educator Kaitlin has been working her magic with helping the children achieve their goals and has helped them love art and craft. Educators Mary and Devisha have made music time so much fun and the children love it. Im also looking forward to having mandarin lessons back and also learning some words myself.

We have all been working on a where are you from wall by slowly adding flags from the countries that our lovely families’ are from. We recently celebrated Canada day Independence day and are currently celebrating Naidoc week with lots of fun activities. So over the next  few weeks we will be saying bye to some of our babies as they are moving up to Nursery 2.

We would like to say bye to Paityn Carter Riley Naksh Hunter and Lucas as they move on to learn new things. We would also like to say that we miss you Octavia and Elizabeth that have already moved up and are doing well. But Im pleased to say that we have new children starting or have just started and we are really excited about getting to know them.

From all in Nursery 1

Sharon Kaitlin Susan Mary and Devisha