Music and Babies Development

Music and Babies Development
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Music and Babies Development

Starting the mornings off with music in the nursery rooms has to be one of the highlights to my week. Children are so excited when I enter the room each morning with my trolly of goodies!

We cheer and applauded after every song and children seem to never want music time to end. All children are engaged and interacting with myself and excited to use different instruments each class. Playing music together each morning not only brightens the mood of the children but benefits the brain and boost language skills.

Our children at the centre just love songs, rhythms and music and, like children and adults, greatly benefit from a musical environment. However, scientists have found that the effect music has on the young minds of babies is far more significant that one would imagine. Recent studies have shown that music affects the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and children and strengthens cognitive and sensory development.

4 reasons why music is so important:

1. Memory – Three-month-old babies can use music to help them remember things they have learned. Scientists now believe that music gives significance to the learning process and helps remember it.

2. Mathematics – A study found that first graders who had been given intensive musical instruction demonstrated considerably more progress in mathematics than classmates who had received a standard musical education. Scientists believe that the connection between music and mathematics is partly related to the fact that music helps children understand mathematical concepts.

3. Language – There is a close connection between music and linguistic development. Listening to music contributes greatly to babies’ development of this skill and will develop the ability to decode auditory data and sharpen your child’s auditory memory.

4. Emotional Intelligence – Music can bring on strong emotions. By listening to expressive classical music, babies use their ability to detect moods and emotions in others, while developing awareness of their own inner processes through their feelings evoked by the music