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Mandarin & AUSLAN
Posted on November 6 2020 Categories: , , ,

Latest Update on Mandarin & AUSLAN Language

Ni hao everyone!

I am very impressed by how fast our Little Lingo Learners are learning and absorbing all the information throughout our learning experiences.

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In the Nursery hub, we are encouraging children’s development in language, social and fine motor skills through learning and exploring topics of their interests. The children are still very interested in animals and we decided to challenge their fine motor skills as they attempted to pick the felt animals up with a pair of tweezers. The children displayed so much concentration and focus as well as memory retention as they remember the pronunciation of most of the animals. We have been reading ‘Owl Babies’ which will help children to communicate their wants and needs through sign language. We are focusing on the phrase ‘I want my mummy’ in the story and we can already see some of the children signing the sentence even before the sentence was being read. We will be moving on towards exploring our emotions and feelings in the future as it would be beneficial for the children to convey their emotions and feelings to not only their educators but their guardians as well.

The Toddler Hub

The children in the Toddler hub have been doing an amazing job as they were able to remember and pronounce some phrases while signing at the same time! We have been exploring fruits and emotions through The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Their interests have slowly transitioned towards worm care and sustainability as they showed great curiosity and interest in their worm farm. From our learning experiences, the children have learned what the worms can and cannot eat and their emotions when they eat something that will make them sick. The children also found out that the AUSLAN sign for worm and caterpillar are the same! From the experience, the children have becoming increasingly aware and respectful of their environment.

Huxley and Kindy

In the Huxley and Kindy room, we have been reading a wide variety of books and exploring different interactive storytelling experiences through the felt board. The children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one context to another as they often relate words and phrases they are familiar with in a new story to the stories they’ve read. We learned numbers, emotions, colours and pronouns in both Mandarin & AUSLAN language which help to stimulate and accelerate their learning progress. The children have learned to communicate and convey their needs, opinions and feelings in different languages through these interactions.