August 2023 by Maddi Conner

Maddi Conner
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August 2023 by Maddi Conner

As I have been transitioning into Educational Leader, I wanted to reintroduce room challenges to give the girls an incentive to bring their creative sides into play! Each month a new challenge will be laid on the front reception area with a deadline and chances to win some fun prizes.

This month was all about recycling and since recently partnering up with Martin Brower, (our street neighbor) they have been giving us old, recycled parts to use. Our most recent donated stock that was delivered was old headphone cases that lifted and had black cardboard inserts that could be removed.

The aim of this challenge was to use the box in any way the rooms seemed fit and to link it with their current project in the room! Not so many rules were applied, which allowed for more creativity. Nurseries 1 and 2 took the boxes and created small worlds, one about each season (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) and the other room as different types of animal enclosures (Farm, Jungle, Ocean and the Outback). Both rooms had created something that the children could explore freely!

Toddler 1 created a giant sized Blue Tongued Lizard with the box as the head. A mouth that was wide open and ready to bite with a long blue tongue that hissseddd out from it. The rest of the body was made from old, recycled pieces that the children had used from previous arts and crafts. The toddlers linked this with their current project based on Australian animals and found a perfect spot on their arch to place the lizard on and paired it with lots of bugs around his mouth!

Toddler 2 followed with an old 1800’s vintage camera, the idea stem from their project about emotions. The children enjoyed using the camera in their room to take “photos” of their peers pulling different facial expressions! This vintage box was painted all black with old, recycled tubes then paired with a classical white scrunched paper detailing on the side!

Pre-Kindy made a multi-story car park, to incorporate their numeracy skills being currently learned in the room. The children were encouraged to count each car that made its way in and before it was filled Emma asked the children to guess the number of how many cars, they thought could fit in it before they finished! The children also took part in the design and concept of this project and led the way with most of the decision making!

Kindy finished this project up by linking their box to their project about emotions and wellbeing. They created a worry monster linked to the book “The very hungry worry monster” that helped the children learn about how emotions can get tangled with other emotions like spaghetti! The Kindy children have been learning early reading and writing skills with each book they read, so during the process of making their monster, they were asked to recite words and descriptions out loud to help bring their creation to life!

We have had so much fun with our first challenge and will announce a winner very soon!

With love
Maddi Conner