Look, Ziggy has Started Laying Eggs!

Look, Ziggy has Started Laying Eggs!
Posted on May 6 2021 Categories: ,

Our ducks are loved by all the children and staff here at Leap Start, they have really become part of the Leap Start family. We have been able to watch them grow from tiny little ducklings into beautiful white Pecking Ducks.

The ducks play such a vital role for the children, firstly they are able to care for living things by feeding them and giving them fresh water and checking that they have some celery leaves to eat. Some of our children in the afternoons help feed the ducks some lettuce for their dinner, taking the bowl into the enclosure and giving it to them.

Other children go to see the ducks in the morning as a way to settle when they are dropped off assisting them with the transition into care for the day. We do have some children who do get upset at drop off time and they have a routine of going to see the ducks in the morning and that has helped them feel safe, secure and supported.

Recently it has been a very exciting time for our feathered friends as Ziggy our female duck has started laying eggs! So far she has laid 7 eggs and has made herself a beautiful net inside of the duck den. Some of the eggs have been out in some hay at the reception area so that the children can come and have a look at the eggs that Ziggy has laid. Eventually we will have the opportunity to put some of the eggs into an incubator and hatch them here at the centre for one of our staff members who wants to have some ducks of her own.

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Daisy and Ziggy are very cuddley, you can often find Jacinta and B out in the enclosure giving them a great big cuddle after they have cleaved out the enclosure or dropped off some lettuce for a snack throughout the day. At first they don’t always want to come for a cuddle but once picked up they will nuzzle into their arms or their neck.