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Our first SECOND LEVEL is here!

Meet Christian from Crafted Wood, who, together with B and Kim designed this amazing, specially commissioned, one-off play structure.


As a 3rd generation wood craftsman, he did an outstanding job building it for us.



Over the next 2 years we plan to create a customized Second Level for each of our rooms.

As with this one, we will involve our children and staff in the design process — our children wanted STAIRS and staff wanted children to be able to look through the kitchen window without having to be lifted up.

Please give us your ideas as well!

There are so many reasons – apart from us wanting your children   TO HAVE FUN  why we design and commission these Second Levels:

  • Creating additional play opportunities and enhancing your children’s experience.
  • Nurturing their physical development by giving them an environment that encourages them to be physically active and take safe risks.
  • Open ended resources allow our children to freely decide their play, be creative and use their imagination. Just think how many different purposes the boxes can have.
  • In case of this Second Level the children can finally access the kitchen window themselves and interact with Noelle.

Embedding the STEAM approach in a holistic, learning-by-doing way:

The solid timber tops are made from sustainably sourced native timbers: Rose Gum, Jarrah and Yellow Tingle. Your children will inadvertently explore the different colours, textures, density, and smell.

Children will be able to create their own set of play structures and environments, exploring physics concepts along the way.

The cut-out handles will in a little while be used to add grooved wooden planks to create balancing pathways, road systems, playhouses, and anything else your children can imagine.

However, we have not forgotten your children’s safety:

  • As mentioned before, the Second Level was designed with input from Early Childhood Expert Kimberley Beasley who used to work as an Assessor for the Educational Regulatory Unit and now designs and builds nature playgrounds with her company Childscapes. She knows all safety requirements inside and out and was instrumental in ensuring the structure is not higher than 59cm, and that the openings adhere to required sizes so as not to pose an entrapment hazard.
  • If you look inside the different structures, they all have inside walls made from  Flexi-Ply so that children can’t hide in the inside corners of any of the elements.
  • With one glance educators can see exactly if there is still a child inside the structure and at the end of the day it can be assembled in a way that children are unable to access the inside spaces.