Little Steppers Program

Little Steppers Program
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Welcome to our Little Steppers program run by Dance Instructor Jaimie Robson. We have had such a big turn out and lots of interest in our Little Steppers performing arts program here at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care. Little Steppers is a great program for children to freely express themselves and enjoy music and movement while having fun.

We will be engaging the children in many fun and exciting routines while giving them the opportunity to explore and familiarize themselves with a variety of props and their use in our classes. Dance is a great way to gain confidence and freely express themself, their emotions and so much more. Dance can increase children’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength, and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination, and improve overall cardiovascular health – but best of all – THEY ARE FUN!!!

Little Steppers Program – July Curriculum:

We start off our classes with a nice big warm-up, stretching our bodies ready to dance: Stretching side to side, practicing our big jump claps, and working on our pointed (fairy) and our flexed (pirate) toes.

Taking turns skipping into the middle, standing on our star, and showing off our dance moves before blowing a big kiss to our loved ones are all part of preparing for a stage performance ( which will come sometime later in the year).

You should see our Little Steppers showing off their muscle man moves; the snake move and many other moves we learn along the way.

Can you believe Little Steppers have already learned the first and second position in ballet?!

This has been a great little exercise to work on our confidence skills, taking turns, and just having fun. We have been working on a little routine in our classes that will be a big surprise at the end of the year.

We truly have superstars in our little steppers program!

Come down and join us in this fun and exciting performing arts program- Leap Start Early Learning’s  Little Steppers!