Miss Zari’s Little Steppers & Little Sporties Update

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Little Steppers & Little Sporties Update

Hello everyone!

For those of you who may not know, my name is Zari, and I am the new dance and sports teacher at Leap Start, running the programs for our Little Steppers and Little Sporties!

These past five weeks have been an absolute joy as I have had the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge of dance and sports with your children.

Little Steppers

Together, we have created a nurturing and inclusive environment where the children can freely explore their potential, cultivate new skills, and uncover the pure joy that comes with movement.

Throughout our sessions, we have focused on fostering a love for dance and sports, while nurturing their talents and strengths.

It has been incredible to see their confidence bloom as they embrace new challenges, express themselves creatively, and build meaningful connections with their peers.

In our dance sessions, we have explored a variety of styles, encouraging self-expression and artistic exploration.

From graceful ballet movements to energetic hip-hop combinations, the children have embraced each genre with enthusiasm.

With a solid foundation now established, the children will be progressing into learning the foundations of coordination in dance.

This phase will include refining their toe-pointing skills whilst dancing, practising balance exercises, incorporating jumps and leaps, and expanding their spatial awareness.

This progression of coordination will undoubtedly contribute to the children’s overall growth and development in dance.

Throughout our sports sessions, my primary focus has been nurturing your child’s progression of sports skills.

I have done this through a wide range of engaging activities, including obstacle courses, relay races, circuits, yoga, and parachute games, encouraging physical development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

In the next phase of our sports program, we will focus on developing motor coordination by enhancing balance, refining hand-eye coordination, improving agility and speed, and fostering spatial awareness.

Overall, the past five weeks have been amazing, and I’m excited to see how the children continue to grow throughout the year.


Lots of love,-

Miss Zari