Little Steppers Dance Program

Little Steppers Dance Program
Posted on September 25 2020 Categories: , , , ,

Our New Little Steppers Dance Program

Hello and Welcome to all our previous and new friends and families.

We are the little steppers dance program run by Jaimie Robson here at leap start early learning childcare centre. over the past few months, we have been focusing on our routine practicing and going over it, so all our little steppers know their routine and feel comfortable with each step and movement.

We have been working on our confidence skills taking turns to freely express ourselves throughout music and using different props like pom-poms and big beautiful ribbons. Our peers took turns to skip into the middle and show off their favourite dance moves before moving off stage for our next dancer to go.

In each of our little steppers classes we quiz our little steppers, Instructor Jaimie would show off a move and ask the children what the move was called. We had movements from showing our big muscle man arms to the first and second position and a plea. Guessing our big gallops big bounces and our ballerina turns.  We have been preparing for our showcase which will be on the 31st of October.

We cannot wait to show all of our parents what we have been learning and put together it will be an amazing show with so much talent.

We have gathered to put some costumes together to suit our theme which we have chosen Welcome to the Jungle. We have worked closely together with our symphonies singers and artificent tots to create a showcase that we will all remember.

After a crazy year it has been what an amazing experience, we have all had putting together this new performing arts program that allows children to freely express themselves throughout music and learn throughout different movements while having fun.

We have such super starts in our Little Steppers classes, and we can’t wait for new little steppers to join us in the new year.

Love Jaimie R